Two Chinas, Not at all Alike in Dignity

by eric

We’ve posted before about the noise in China, how it seems never-ending, inescapable, all-encompassing (you see where I’m going). Often, that’s true. For an example, here’s a video I shot while Saara and I were eating hotpot with some new friends from Ukraine. Saara is shouting to be heard. The noise you hear in the background is from only about ten people. This was by far not their loudest moment, and this fairly representative of our eating experiences.

Here is a video that does not fit that description of China. This is in the Buyi village of Shuitou, Guizhou, near Qinghe, a secluded spot about 90 minutes outside of Guiyang by bus. There’s an amazing hotel on this river that we’ve visited twice now, or not nearly enough. It takes some getting used to the quiet. The lack of a wall of noise makes every small noise all the more noticeable for a few hours, but it is so very relaxing once you adjust.

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